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There is a lot more you can learn about HTML. And the best place to turn for complete information on any topic related to Web design is, of course, the Web. The following sites offer helpful tutorials so you can learn more about HTML.

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Hastings Rocks

My hometown newspaper, the Hastings Star-Gazette, was very important to me growing up.  I began reading it in highschool when the entire student body was forced to have reading time for ten minutes everyday before fourth period.  On Thursday’s, instead of doodling for ten minutes, every student and faculty member would have their noses buried in the Star-Gazette.

I never realized how important the Star-Gazette was to me until I left for college.  My grandma clipped articles out of the paper every week and would send some back with me when I visited.

Frustrated with reading only bits and pieces, I decided to see if the Star-Gazette had a website and signed up for an e-mail subscription immediately.

Although its content seems to be primarily shovelware I still think it is an excellent website.  No matter what it looks like, I am still going visit frequently to find out what is going on in my hometown.

Reading about the Hastings Raiders, and their recent win (because they rock), or another meth bust, (of someone who may or may not be related to me), is just about the best kind of news out there, no matter the quality of the medium.  I don’t need pictures, just names and dates so I can gossip with fellow HHS alumni about who went to jail this week.

Don’t get me wrong, websites like CNN and the LATimes are great with their big colorful photos and fancy features, but, sometimes I just want to see a good headline such as “Hastings man sentenced in huffing incident“.

So, if you’re reading this and have realized you have lost touch with your hometown newspaper, check it out the next time your surfing the net.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed, and if you are, you can just read about the crazies from Hastings, Minn.

Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist – Do I have what it takes?

Vadim Lavrusik’s 8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist got me thinking about my future in multi-media Journalism.  Out of the traits he believes are necessary for a successful journalist, the one out of eight that I have is fundamental journalism skills.  More importantly than his list of traits, I believe, is the willingness to learn and practice them everyday in my career as a  journalist, and I definitely have that. 

 I have never been good with computers, but recently I have done more than I ever thought I could do on the internet.  Within a single week, I now know basic HTML, have a twitter account and am writing my first blog. 

 The more I learn about the endless possibilities on the web, the more confident and excited I am about Journalism and my future.  Leah Betancourt’s post on Mashable  The Journalist’s Guide to Twitter was very helpful to me and is a great piece on how to use twitter. 

Twitter has been an extremely valuable thing to me.  As an aspiring food journalist, it is a great place to contact succesful food journalists.  I have already been welcomed in by other foodies who have made there mark on Twitter and else where. Every time someone acknowledges me on Twitter I get butterflies in my stomach.  After just a week, I am already following over 150 people and am being followed by almost 40.  I have had direct messages from 6 food journalists already! 

If Twitter has done this much good for me already, I am ready to explore whatever else the web has to offer, no matter how terrible I am with computers.   

 I am finding new reasons to love journalism everyday and I am not about to let some “must-have traits” I don’t have, get me down.