On November 11, the Coffee Hag was packed with Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current’s listeners to see the band featured in this month’s Current Road Trip, Roma di Luna.

The Current started the road trip in order to reach it’s ever-expanding audience.  The MPR’s station’s radio signals are reaching more places than ever such as Mankato, Rochester, Austin and Hastings and, consequently, drawing in more listeners. 

“People in Greater Minnesota are listening to the Current and since they can’t always come to us, we should be bringing the great shows to them,” said the Current’s morning show host, Jill Riley.

Steve Seel, the morning co-host, who was also along for the road trip says they decided to come to Mankato because they “wanted to reach out to Greater Minnesota.”

Coffee Hag staff had to start turning people away when the standing-room-only venue was at full capacity. 

Owner Jenn Melby said she had extra employees on for the night to make sure they were prepared for a big crowd. 

It wasn’t just the radio station’s popularity that drew in the large crowd though.  Roma di Luna’s lead singer Channy Moon Casselle and guitarist Alexei Moon Casselle had the shoulder-to-shoulder audience listening intently to their heartfelt music. 

The couple, who usually travels with their full band, revealed a more intimate performance to the Coffee Hag audience without the other members.

Channy said it would be a special performance to them and the audience because, with just the two of them, “it’s more stripped down so it’s always a little bit more vulnerable.” 

Their music takes on a different style and sound without the other band members. 

“When it’s just the two of us it pretty much just has like a folk sound,” said Alexei.

Their most recent album, “Then the Morning Came” is now available on their website, along with their other two albums and a new Christmas album.