After reading about the linking law in chapter 11 of our text-book, I found myself completely overwhelmed and confused about what is legal and what isn’t when it comes to online linking.

Rules regarding deep linking, incline linking, framing, associative linking and linking illegal material are all discussed in the chapter, but just have me more scared than confident of my online linking knowledge.

After contemplating about how I will ever link again without the fear of getting in trouble for something that I didn’t even know existed, I decided that, although knowing the law is very important, trusting my gut instincts and ethics will get me much farther.

I think the biggest mistake of online journalists is becoming consumed by the freedom the web gives them and forgetting the basic code of ethics they would carry out if writing for print publications.

It would probably be less confusing if people just treated it in the same way.

Links should be researched carefully to determine credibility, just as a source would be for a printed news story.

Yeah, some people have a problem with putting restrictions on the Internet because they think it should be a place where anything goes, but then what good is it really.

People search the Internet for answers knowing to be weary of bogus ones and what is the point of looking for answers in a place you can’t entirely trust.

I think we could trust the internet more if people weren’t under the impression that the Internet is a place to say whatever the hell you want.

It isn’t that way and it shouldn’t be.  So, as online journalists, let’s think before we link and remember our ethics to make the Internet a better place.