CNN’s documentary ”Right On the Edge” that aired on October 2, 2010 sparked my interest in guerrilla, or citizen, journalism, and the man who changed my mind about it, conservative activist, James O’Keefe.

James O’Keefe, in my opinion, is the worst excuse for a journalist that I have ever heard of.

He is best known for his string of undercover ACORN prostitution investigation videos where he attempts to scam the government-funded organization , Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), he used to work for.

More recently, O’Keefe planned to embarrass CNN correspondent Abbie Bourdreau ,during an interview that was set up for “Right On The Edge”, by secretly filming it on a boat he set up with sexually explicit objects.

Fortunately, he ended up only embarrassing himself and exposing the truth behind his elaborate schemes.

I think citizen journalism, if used correctly, is an effective way to uncover truths about things that would otherwise never be seen.

But to set up a cast, as if it were a play, and editing the material in a bias way, as O’Keefe does, is completely unethical.  Rachel Maddow uncovers some of the unedited material from the prostitution investigation on her show.

Citizen journalism’s purpose should be to inform the people and help the greater good, not get publicity in order to boost your ego. 

I think O’Keefe’s ego drives his “journalism” more than anything else.  His attempt at fame can be seen again in a Fox interview where he comes dressed up in the ridiculous pimp outfit he supposedly wore for the prostitute investigation.

No wonder this kind of journalism has a bad name.  It’s because of frauds like this.  What do you think?