Vadim Lavrusik’s 8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist got me thinking about my future in multi-media Journalism.  Out of the traits he believes are necessary for a successful journalist, the one out of eight that I have is fundamental journalism skills.  More importantly than his list of traits, I believe, is the willingness to learn and practice them everyday in my career as a  journalist, and I definitely have that. 

 I have never been good with computers, but recently I have done more than I ever thought I could do on the internet.  Within a single week, I now know basic HTML, have a twitter account and am writing my first blog. 

 The more I learn about the endless possibilities on the web, the more confident and excited I am about Journalism and my future.  Leah Betancourt’s post on Mashable  The Journalist’s Guide to Twitter was very helpful to me and is a great piece on how to use twitter. 

Twitter has been an extremely valuable thing to me.  As an aspiring food journalist, it is a great place to contact succesful food journalists.  I have already been welcomed in by other foodies who have made there mark on Twitter and else where. Every time someone acknowledges me on Twitter I get butterflies in my stomach.  After just a week, I am already following over 150 people and am being followed by almost 40.  I have had direct messages from 6 food journalists already! 

If Twitter has done this much good for me already, I am ready to explore whatever else the web has to offer, no matter how terrible I am with computers.   

 I am finding new reasons to love journalism everyday and I am not about to let some “must-have traits” I don’t have, get me down.